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I received interesting (and challenging) feedback from our readers on “Resonant Frequencies, Part 1” from the July issue of Pumps & Systems.

About 60 percent of scheduled maintenance checks on valves and motors in these systems could be avoided with a systems approach to efficiency.

A reciprocating power pump, as depicted in Figure 1, is a displacement machine. It has characteristics that are different than a centrifugal pump.

In the August 2013 issue of Pumps & Systems, I presented a summer pump quiz about cavitation. This column includes the solutions to the cavitation quiz.

In 2012, I wrote a six-part series on centrifugal pump efficiency. In Part Five, I touched on the importance of the breadth of efficiency and how it can be more useful than the peak best efficiency point (BEP).

Let’s start with the basics: boiling is the vaporization of liquid. In a kitchen, water boils at high temperature—100 C (212 F). These temperatures are at atmospheric pressure, however.

You have probably noticed that three-phase motors can have a varying number of leads exiting the junction box. The most common numbers are three, six, nine or twelve.

Pumps & Systems, July 2013

Pumps & Systems, July 2013

Typical wave machines require multiple pumps (vertical and horizontal) and tens of thousands of gallons of water per minute.
More than half of all electrical energy consumed in the U.S. is used by electric motors, according to the Department of Energy (DOE).

Typically, vibration measurements are taken with a handheld accelerometer probe in four places:

First of Three Parts

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (May 16, 2013) – Upstream Pumping Solutions Editor Lori Ditoro has been named one of the “Top 50 Oil and Gas People on Twitter” by Drillinginfo.

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) initiated a national call to action—WATER’S WORTH IT Month was adopted in communities across the U.S. in an effort to promote conservation and personal stewardship.

How important is the hardfacing requirement below the sleeve bearings in the 416 stainless steel (ss) shaft of a vertical turbine pump used to move condensate? Consider an example with a condensate pump that has carbon bearings.

My January 2013 Pumps & Systems’ column focused on the reduction in motor horsepower (HP) as frequency is reduced by a variable frequency drive (VFD).

Pumps & Systems, April 2013

Pumps & Systems, April 2013

Almost 60 percent of the world’s freshwater withdrawals are used for irrigation


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