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The 41st Turbomachinery and the 28th International Pump Users Symposia (Sept. 24 – 27) at the George R. Brown Convention Center were well attended and with the relaxed atmosphere, attendees, presenters and exhibitors had great opportunities to network and have great conversations.

The editorial and sales teams from Pumps & Systems and Upstream Pumping Solutions distributed more than 1,600 copies of its two industry leading pumping magazines at WEFTEC. Here are some highlights.
It was my pleasure to attend my first MINExpo and represent Pumps & Systems and Upstream Pumping Solutions, the leading pump magazines for the industrial and upstream oil and gas sectors. Here are some highlights.
We will celebrate the people who make this industry stable, viable and significant. Please fill out our reader survey.

"Testing Centrifugal Pumps in the Field,” Pumps & Systems, February 2011, featured an Excel spreadsheet designed to simplify the field test procedure.

Positive displacement (PD) pumps do not function well if the discharge is blocked. Unlike centrifugal pumps, they have little tolerance for flow restriction.

Learn which equipment to target, what information to collect and how to use it effectively.
Joe Evans
Last of Two Parts
We celebrate 20 years as the pump industry’s most complete and reliable source for information about pumps, rotating equipment and the entire system surrounding the pump.

Part 1 (Pumps & Systems, August 2012) discussed an example in which neglecting corrections for velocity head and gauge elevation did not introduce significant errors in the calculations.

Aug. 28, 2012 – With Hurricane Isaac reaching Category 1 strength today just after noon (CST) in the Gulf of Mexico, the nation prepares for its impact. The pump and oil and gas industries will be affected and have already taken precautions.

As we all know, optimizing pumping systems improves pump performance, minimizes costs and decreases downtime. But how is it achieved?
For a quick estimate of pump head in the field, the discharge pressure gauge is read.
Joe Evans
A discussion of the life and contributions of Daniel Bernoulli, who formulated the famous Bernoulli Principle.
This was the most well attended EASA event that the Pumps & Systems team can remember. Many exhibitors we talked with felt the same way, describing the large crowd of attendees as steady, active and inquisitive.
Xylem continues ITT's water focus and continues to grow.
Terry Henshaw
Equation versus actual measurement of radial thrust in centrifugal pumps.
Keep pipes and pumps aligned to keep your pumps working longer.
Factors to consider when deciding the priority of pump efficiency.
Pumps & Systems introduces an extended Readers Respond section, which includes end-user challenges with helpful solutions from manufacturers and other industry experts. Tell us about the maintenance, reliability or repair issues that trouble you.


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