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It was not a shocking newsflash when U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden acknowledged in a recent CNN report (July 6, 2009) that the $787 billion economic stimulus program has not yet provided the positive impact originally predicted by the White House. “We misread how bad the economy was,” Biden told CNN correspondent Julian E. Zelizer.
Based on discussions with industry experts, product managers and top-level executives, we may not feel its impact until at least 2010.
Even in a turbulent economy, this year's expert panel conveyed optimism through candid analysis and specific strategies for 2009.
On Feb. 13, the House and Senate approved HR 1–the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which will most certainly have an immediate and positive impact on this industry.
Our Publisher, Wally Evans, and I attended the 19th Annual Gabelli Pump, Valve & Motor Symposium in New York this week. Top executives from many of the major players in our industry were there to reflect on 2008 and give us some insight into 2009.
In a rare move, U.S. President Barack Obama went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to personally pitch his stimulus plan to House Republicans. They were not impressed.
In our February issue, we feature the impact the new presidential administration's stimulus package will have on the pump industry, particularly with regard to infrastructure rebuilding in the water and wastewater sectors.
With financial uncertainty in a turbulent global market, and in light of a change in U.S. presidential administrations, experts in the pump industry still find reason for optimism and approach current economic challenges as business opportunities.
This month, Pumps & Systems wrapped up our busy 2008 trade show schedule with a visit to Orlando for Power Gen International.
We went to press this week with the December issue of P&S, in which we ran a feature story on “The Impact of the Rising Cost of Raw Materials.”
Whether it is the lack of safe water to drink or the overwhelming amounts that overtake communities, water is responsible for 90 percent of the deaths following a natural disaster.
Grundfos unveiled a state-of-the-art Mobile Education Center in September at its USA headquarters in Kansas City. Pumps & Systems VP of Sales George Lake and I were there for a sneak preview.
The Folio Show brings together the brightest and most successful leaders in the publishing industry for exclusive training and insight into the newest trends, revenue-generating ideas, management techniques, digital advancements and groundbreaking technology.
According to the United Nations Development Program, more than 1 billion people—about one in six—have no access to clean and safe drinking water while more than 2 billion lack access to adequate sanitation.
I had the pleasure of spending a day this week at the Geiger Smith-Koch Mid-Atlantic Pump & Process Equipment Symposium in Aston, Pa.
A beautiful historic house with a white picket fence sitting on the corner of the heart of downtown caught our attention. Shadowing the house was a huge stone water tower. The sign in front . . . “The Pump House.” We immediately went inside to check it out.
As our business continues to thrive in an otherwise struggling economy, the impact of our industry's products and services becomes obvious every time we drink a clean glass of water or fill a car's tank with fuel.
After the AWWA event last week, my family and I decided to spend an extra day in Atlanta and hit the White Water Adventure park. Maybe it was my three-day ACE '08 exposure to all things “pumps” and all things “water,” but while climbing the massive mountains that led to the peaks of the water slides, I found myself wondering . . . “What kind of pumps are getting all that water to the top?”
Our repair shop manager, Jerry, recently got a call from a plant to help solve a continual vibration problem with their end-suction process pump. Jim, the plant maintenance manager, was unhappy when we went to see him.
My September tutorial took a look at the affinity laws and showed why each is able to predict changes in flow, head, and power when there is a change in pump speed or impeller diameter.


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