HOUSTON (March 14, 2014) – Greene’s Energy Group, LLC (GEG) has opened its pipeline training and test loop operations at its Houston Pipeline Services facility, said Tom Sawyer, GEG’s vice president.

The test loop includes 1,100 feet of 6-inch standard wall piping and 1345 psi (100 bar) working pressure with 2017 psi (138 bar) test pressure. Other highlights include 3D bend radius, 120 feet‘ underground, two replaceable 10-foot spools for deflect detection, vertical/horizontal launch/receive capabilities and various features for equipment and instrumentation hookup.

“We are pleased to open a pipeline training and test loop operation,” said Sawyer. “This new facility reinforces our commitment to proactively providing continual education and training to the energy industry as a whole.”

Greene’s Energy group provides integrated testing, rentals and specialty services for drilling, completion, production & pipeline operations.