Louisiana Sugar Refining, Gramercy, La.

Associate Editor Amanda Perry toured Louisiana Sugar Refining, LLC (LSR) in Gramercy, La. LSR is more than 100 years old and was established to incorporate more than 800 sugar cane farmers into the industry’s economic structure and to stabilize and encourage growth in the industry. Pumps play an important role in the sugar refining process. LSR uses centrifugal pumps to separate the syrup from the sugar crystals. The $190 million refinery has the ability to refine two billion pounds of white sugar per year. The refinery distributes molasses and granulated sugar to commercial and retail customers in the U.S. Construction for a new refinery at the Gramercy location began in February 2010. The new plant is completely automated using Siemens automation systems, allowing the larger facility to operate with higher efficiency.

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