Q. What methods are recommended for measuring a controlled-volume metering pump's flow rate, and what should be taken into account to ensure an accurate measurement?
As announced through the American Water Works Association, the industry's top priority for the fourth year in a row is the aging infrastructure of the nation's water systems.
During the last 20 years, the common understanding that new industrial pumps require some basic checks and adjustments prior to installation and startup has been supplanted by a new notion that pu
Process control through traditional adjustable speed drives (ASDs) with
Q. When dealing with wastewater treatment pumps, what concerns pertaining to site conditions are relevant?
The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index was down 25.8 percent over the last twelve months, while the broader S&P 500 Index was up 9.3 percent.
While many companies provide solutions for power plants, customizing their technologies for difficult environments may be challenging.
A subsidiary of BASF, Wintershall is Germany's largest global petroleum and natural gas producer. The company has been active in oil exploration and processing (E&P) in Libya since 1958.
Purchasing the least expensive pump is rarely the wisest choice for users wishing to achieve long run times and low or moderate maintenance outlays.
The World Bank reports that Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are among the most populated countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
After a period of falling prices, from more than $100 per barrel in late 2014 to $49 per barrel in January 2015, a subsequent rise in oil prices indicated that supply and demand for crude oil may
Covering more than 150 acres and serving an area of 725 square miles, the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWTP) in Washington D.C.
Pump suppliers often hear their customers say, "I need a six-inch pump." This is a typical request but lacks the vital information necessary for choosing the correct pump for a particular applicat
Water is one of our most precious resources and—in drought-stricken areas such as California—is becoming more precious with each passing day.
While manufacturers claim these wipes are flushable, they have been causing major problems for wastewater facilities, and the problem has only worsened in recent years.
Most experts agree that the majority of centrifugal pump problems occur on the suction side of the pump.
The Sabine River Authority of Louisiana created the Diversion Canal System in 1970.
Recent developments in the field of nanotechnology have resulted in a positive impact on two of the world's largest industries—energy and water.
As the cost of energy and water and wastewater services continues to rise, operators are looking for ways to reduce the costs of these basic, yet crucial, utilities.
The coastal area between the city of Anzio and the commune of Pomezia in Italy is a popular holiday destination, particularly for Italians living in neighboring Rome.