The days of designing a pump from scratch are long gone.
In a world where online shopping reigns and cyber sales days have eclipsed Black Friday, retailers are scrutinizing page views and other Google Analytics as carefully as gross receipts and shelf po
In establishing the Pump Energy Index to rate the energy performance of commercial and industrial pumps, the U.S.
Despite well-documented pump system standards and basic requirements, omission of certain crucial design steps remains a problem in the industry, often causing disastrous outcomes for the end user.
The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index was down 10.5 percent over the last 12 months, while the broader S&P 500 Index was up 1.0 percent.
While pump system optimization has become much better understood and has grown in popularity over the last decade, it is still not used as much as one would expect based on the potential economic b
Wastewater treatment facilities, chemical and power-generation plants, electric and gas companies, municipalities, and commercial buildings all have a common prime mover—
Many industrial processes use substances that are in an aqueous or “muddy” form, and the liquid portion must be removed.
Editor’s note: This article provides additional information that further explains Ray Hardee’s monthly Pump System Improvement column appearing in the August 2016 issue.
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Faced with continuous high water demand and increasing energy costs, the Cyprus Water Development Department decided to upgrade its desalination plant in Larnaca, Cyprus, an island nation off the c
Pini Polonia, a leading meat-processing company, operates three production facilities in Kutno, Poland, that together process 1,000 pigs per hour.
Q. What sealing issues should a pump user be aware of when dealing with viscous fluids?
When Rodney Strong Vineyards built its new 10,500-square-foot fermentation facility in Healdsburg, California, to accommodate premium grapes from its Cooley Ranch Vineyard, each detail was precisel
The food and beverage industry incorporates a wide range of applications that require pumps to keep materials moving through the production process.
One of the claimed advantages of centrifugal pumps over positive di
In most pulp and paper applications, energy and unscheduled maintenance are two of the largest components of ownership cost.
A common concern in processing plants is determining the pumping health—or efficiency—of