“It is key that companies today have an active and robust R&D department to predict and implement market needs instead of reacting at a time of crisis. Although there is no true crystal ball, at EagleBurgmann we believe that as end-user and OEM customers look deeper into their processes and strategies on increasing mean time between repair for their customers, they will look to their suppler base to become more than a “hardware” supplier but a valued team member. One of the key issues impacting our industry that will be a critical factor in the next 18 to 24 months is speed. Everyone is simply challenged to do more, faster. The economic downturn, a flurry of environmental regulations and our global economy continues to put unique pressures on our industry. However, instead of simply reducing our service and our product offerings, we must continue to invest in new technologies, our processes and our people. It is also crucial that we work together to ensure that we improve our environmental footprint and continue to help traditionally American companies that are now truly global companies succeed domestically and abroad.”--Marcus Pillion, President, EagleBurgmann