September 2011

Due to heat-shrink technology, agitator seal functions failure free for more than a decade.
Reader responses to Pumps and Systems articles.
Specific speed is a concept developed for water turbines1 in 1915, which was later applied to centrifugal pumps (Stepanoff, 1948). Specific speed is a way to “normalize” the performance of these hydraulic machines.
A crucial triumvirate for improving the bottom line. pump system optimization, pump efficiency
Find out how temperature impacts PTFE packing performance
A combination of two seal types provides the most reliable results.
HI answers your frequently asked questions.
Although it is a process that is prone to problems, the need to pump malt is central to the brewing industry. However, a project in Denmark has shown that many of the traditional difficulties can be avoided by choosing the correct type of pump for the application.
Construction features are key to vertical motor application and maintenance.
Insight and reactions to key industry coverage.
Interpretation of equipment clues can help diagnose problems before failure occurs
Enable the sealless transition with ceramic-matrix composites.
Vibration analysis trending can be a helpful tool in predicting brewing problems, before they develop into a big issue.
Lindmore Irrigation District uses Ethernet radios to improve SCADA communications system and pumping efficiency.
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