Many facilities managers and maintenance engineers choose thermoplastic bearings because they offer a “fit-and-forget” solution.

By leveraging the pressures that can be generated in the gaps of externally pressurized porous (EPP) gas bearings, a new class of seal offers capabilities not previously available.

Any coupling that connects rotating equipment generally serves

As 2017 commences, several new factors have come into play in Europe and around the world that have the potential to impact the U.S. pump industry’s business significantly in the coming years.

When MPP (not his real initials), a manager for a process pump manufacturer, told me his company was working on the thrust chamber design for its new horizontal pump, I was interested.

Pumps & Systems staff spoke with Mike Pulley, Bartlett Bearing Company Inc.'s Product Support Manager, about workforce challenges and the major trends to anticipate in 2017.

The performance and service life of a centrifugal pump is affected by factors ranging from the system’s design and critical components to the many operating conditions encountered in an application

API 610, 11th Edition, is one of many standards written and regulated by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to ensure maximum reliability in critical applications.

The first bearing isolator of the current design was patented in 1977 and initially used on pumps and mixers in the food processing and chemical industries.

All pump system operators and maintenance personnel must be aware of any side effects that can result from ongoing efforts to improve the energy performance of pump systems.

Prepackaged thrust and journal bearings can provide significant advantages for large pump manufacturers and end users.

Pumps operating in harsh conditions will come under attack from many influences that can threaten a system's performance and service life.

Sometimes saving money can be expensive.

A small percentage of bearings achieve their application design life, and in pump and motor applications, bearings are the most susceptible components to premature failure.

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on pumps used to introduce raw materials into various production processes or transfer liquids for storage or shipment to end users.

Bearings are precision components that require clean lubrication in adequate amounts to ensure a long, trouble-free life.

After 30 years of research, an engineering team in Japan has developed a hybrid-type submersible bearing that prevents burnouts during vertical pump dry-starts, exploits the elasticity of the synth

One of the largest electric power generation companies in the U.S. conducted an upgrade project of their water pumps at their nuclear plant facility.

Bearings are precision components that require consistent, clean lubrication to ensure long, reliable equipment life.

Market forces and increasing regulatory demands have exerted considerable pressures on pulp and paper operations.