Regardless of the application, most uninterruptible power supply (UPS) users require some degree of customization.

In the past year, sophisticated cybersecurity attacks have demonstrated that a multitude of industries and organizations are at risk.

Process scaling affects numerous industries, causing varying degrees of unwanted costs and downtime.

While revolutionary technology changes have transformed the world of health care, entertainment and retail, the industrial marketplace has also been impacted by the digital era.

German company ICL-IP Bitterfeld GmbH has been producing phosphorus-based flame retardant since 1997. Its plant in Bitterfeld-Wolfen employs about 80 people.

Because of the complicated nature of pump flow and pressure control, industrial plants have often incorporated control of complex pumping and related systems using distributed control systems (DCSs

Unlike residential consumers, industrial and commercial companies pay for the reactive kilovolt-amps (kVA) demand power they use along with the active kilowatt (kW) energy they consume.

In today's industrial landscape, remote monitoring of rotating assets is critical for reliable operation.

Process control through traditional adjustable speed drives (ASDs) with

The concept of moving water from point A to point B has existed for thousands of years.

Remote monitoring software as part of a complete preventive maintenance plan can provide the insight and data required to troubleshoot pump system problems and prevent total equipment failure.

A wastewater treatment plant is designed to protect the community it serves.

While instrumentation and monitoring software are widely used in manufacturing facilities around the world, these tools alone will not solve every production problem.

The agriculture industry has historically been a slow adapter of new technology.

Reciprocating compressors are a vital part of the oil and gas refining process.

Pearl Harbor Naval Station and Hickam Air Force Base have both grown around the historic port, known as Wai’Momi to native Hawaiians, adjacent to Honolulu on Oahu's south shore.

As Andres Suazo discussed in an article last month (Pumps & Systems, May 2015), today's industri