This new facility will serve existing customers in the general industrial, chemical, steel, power, pulp and paper, coal and food processing industries.

Decatur, Ala. (Sept. 3, 2013) – Morin Repair Services expanded its services and capabilities by opening its new state-of-the-art facility using the latest in balancing, machining, fabrication, engineering, assembly, quality control, logistics, and unsurpassed support all under one roof for full in-house capabilities. The new facility serves existing customers in the general industrial, chemical, steel, power, pulp and paper, coal and food processing industries throughout the Southeast and beyond focusing on rotating equipment repairs, heat exchangers and valves as well as other process equipment.

Morin Repair Services specializes in the repair of rotating equipment including pumps, blowers, vacuum pumps, and gearboxes (all brands and manufacturers) and has a full in-plant services group for working during plant outages, in-plant maintenance contracts, on-call service and repair. The crews are outfitted with service trucks to suit the industry needs and requirements in the field.

“This new facility will allow Morin Repair Services and our expert team of rotating and equipment specialist the opportunity to provide our customers with the most state-of-the-art repair facility in the region,” states Danny Morin, President of Morin Repair Services. “At Morin Repair Services, we pride ourselves on quality, service and excellence in every job we repair and this new facility will provide our team with even greater tools to deliver that promise,” adds Morin.

In addition to bringing new construction work to the areas of Decatur and Trinity, this new facility will produce many new jobs for the area. Morin Repair Services employs dozens of expert mechanics and machinists along with administrative and inside sales personnel.

“We could have built this facility in many parts of the state, but felt that the Decatur/Trinity area would provide an excellent location for our customers as well as provide a very talented workforce to hire,” adds Morin.

Morin Repair Services has plans to extend its repair services to other parts of Alabama and the Southeast by opening more repair facilities in 2013/2014.