Located in one of the fastest growing regions in the U.S., the Benton/Washington Regional Public Water Authority (BWRPWA) broke ground in 1996 for a water treatment facility serving northwest Arkan

Inexperienced vibration analysts encounter a common problem: They are often expected to learn too much, too fast.

Power factor (PF) is an important component of an alternating current (AC) circuit, but understanding its actual effect can be difficult. Why is PF mysterious to many of us?

In my July 2014 column, I demonstrated that three-phase voltage variation can significantly affect several alternating curren

Motor manufacturers routinely answer questions about the differences between submersible and immersible motors and the applications best served by each design.

Paper production requires large amounts of power. The Smurfit Kappa plant in Piteå, Sweden, uses its own biomass boilers to meet part of its energy needs.

In my June column on pump and motor testing, I said that three-phase voltage variation and unbalance can have a significant effect on motor insulation life.

The term “testing” covers a range of processes. Parts supplied for motor manufacturing are tested as they are manufactured and when they arrive at the plant.

Bearing currents occur in specific motor and drive installations and can lead to motor fatigue and failure.

Even though most Winter Olympic venues are held in locations that are likely to have white winters, there is no guarantee that Mother Nature will deliver.

Previous articles in this series explained how oversized piping systems can have higher operating and maintenance costs.

A proven tool to reduce energy consumption, variable frequency drives (VFDs) became increasingly used during the 1970s energy crisis.

A basic electrical safety rule is that water and electricity do not mix.