Variable mixing can provide a homogeneous process volume, consistent temperature and improved biological contact.
Prepare for the digital transformation with connected devices.
Measurements help users recognize and remedy adverse operating conditions, including cavitation and safety issues.

This webinar will reveal an often overlooked key bearing variable that can make a difference in your pumping system.

Learn why parts of a wastewater plant fail and ways to better its uptime
Understanding the differences between these types of pumps can mean avoiding difficulties and reliability problems.
Complicated selection process can make these common equipment items mysterious to specifiers.
Original equipment experienced reliability issues, resulting in downtime and maintenance costs.
Growth is largely driven by South Korea, according to report from Cornerstone Research.
Bernd Fischer, Group CEO of Technymon GBT, says demand for bearings is strong in North America and India.
How to extend the life of second-stage impellers and eliminate inlet vane cracking.
Extra energy transmitted can produce larger sealing stress on the gasket.
How a Florida wastewater reclamation plant improved dosing of sodium hypochlorite.
Jim Elsey shares tips to avoid problems with net positive suction head
Event moves to a different month in 2021, and possibly for good.
Why flow measurement is critical to achieving pump system efficiency.
A system typically requires three valves
Make sure your workers understand personal protection equipment for more than just their feet
Competitive bidding induces quoting the smallest horsepower pump at the highest speed.
Evaluate elastomeric and metallic couplings for an application.
Defining how a mechanical seal will be used and its environment is critical for optimal operation and life.
These systems help to maximize system uptime
Biological method can be used to reduce waste contaminants, clogging and odor problems.
Learn how these 5 best practices with overall equipment effectiveness can help optimize equipment availability, performance and quality.
Learn how to determine if oil mist is best for specific applications and when problems are caused by human error.
How to align rental equipment with needs
With automated sizing, not only will a design meet its requirements, but each design becomes part of the process to extend the norms of network sizing approaches.
Hear from Turbo Lab director Eric Petersen and others on the event and research
Identify and agree on materials and pricing
Michigan wastewater facility improves efficiency by up to 50 percent.
Lev Nelik responds to a reader response about determining static components of system curves.
Understand where these pumps are used
Consider off-gassing, leak protection and maintenance needs when choosing a pump for wastewater operations.
Mag meters operate on the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetism.
Artificial intelligence expands the coverage of a user’s assets.
Addressing the ninth component of a general scope document
25 years and counting: Process tool innovation and impact
Infrastructure investments and industrialization are factors in projected growth.
Certain designs of skid systems can reduce leaks and system size while maintaining reliability.
Competitive pricing and rapid delivery fosters successful service.
Experts hope stormwater’s inclusion in next ASCE Infrastructure Report Card will help raise visibility.
Consider mechanical seals, gland packed seals and lip seals.
Fluid management data monitoring and analytics services can assist in preventing injuries and system damage.
PJ Valves owner Dan Munro says the dip in expenditures on new projects is turning around.
IIoT allows industry to remain safe and environmentally friendly while remaining profitable.
Permanent magnet motor technology gives users an option beyond surface and submersible choices.
Running far from the best efficiency point can be damaging.
Ryan Ossmann, repair operations manager at Jenkins Electric joins the podcast to talk bearings.