Why you should be worried about a few bubbles
P&S Issue: May 2019
Mean streamline techniques and computational fluid dynamics identify the culprit causing constant repairs and failure of cooling water pumps.
P&S Issue: December 2018

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Optimized pumps ease the day-to-day process for university cogeneration facilities.
P&S Issue: August 2018
Design flaws cause catastrophic failure in a geothermal power station hotwell in New Zealand.
P&S Issue: August 2016
Pumping Prescriptions
P&S Issue: July 2016
Last of Two Parts
P&S Issue: January 2016
P&S Issue: January 2016
The positive displacement technology handles backpressure fluctuations, cavitation and air entrainment.
P&S Issue: December 2015
P&S Issue: September 2015