Keeping employees up-to-date on requirements and resources

Continuing education is a cornerstone of maintaining the integrity of the pump industry. It ensures that workforce members remain current on industry issues and that they work efficiently and effectively. Because required knowledge now encompasses the entire pumping system, those in the pump industry need a broad range of skills and in-depth understanding of new methodologies and regulations.

Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities available. The following is a sampling of some educational aims and tactics:

  • Use e-learning as a primary educational vehicle. Courses will be developed primarily for universities, community colleges, trade schools and test beds (i.e. train-the-trainer programs).
  • Incorporate “pull” educational strategies, tactics and tools rather than “push” (i.e. adult learning with correlative relevance to create fuller understanding and enhanced context).
  • Evaluate suppliers to develop course content while providing platforms to disseminate training material to students at the university or workforce levels.
  • Develop a set of short courses focused on energy-reduction strategies for each plant using existing DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) resources, such as Superior Energy Performance, and plant benchmarking.
  • Drive training vertically through trade organization members and non-member trades that support energy-intensive industries.
  • Drive training horizontally through National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnerships.
  • Use DOE EERE Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC) located in 24 universities to educate and evaluate small- to medium-enterprise energy programs.

Workforce development and education planning across DOE-funded Innovation Institutes will coordinate curricula, content and delivery to ensure a consistent experience while avoiding duplication.

These initiatives provide a tremendous opportunity for the pump industry to effect the adaptive changes necessary in their respective organizations.

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(Mike Pemberton/Mark Sullivan, 10/31/16…)