Webinar: Design Improved Pumping Systems Within Critical Areas of Intake Design and Pump Piping

The HI webinar lineup continues to grow, and two new events are created for today’s wide range of engineers who have design responsibilities within Industrial pumping systems. Specifically, these two new webinars address both the effective pump intake design and trouble-shooting problem with intakes and the second covers all aspects for pump piping for rotodynamic pumps.

The first is based on the HI’s Intake Design for Rotodynamic Pumps (ANSI/HI 9.8 – 2018). This standard enables designers, owners and users to configure functional pumping facility designs, and provides remedial measures for problem intakes. It covers design objectives required for inlet bell design diameter, submergence requirements, using standard for proper instructions on intake structures for clear liquids and solid handling pumps.

The second covers all aspects of pump piping for rotodynamic pumps. This webinar is intended for engineers who need to understand more about the adverse effects of poorly designed pump piping, which directly impacts overall reliability and efficiency.

After taking this webinar program, engineers will be able to identify well engineered pump piping designs that provide a uniform and symmetric fluid velocity profile to the pump, and explain how this can help avoid cavitation problems, seal failures and premature bearing issues. Additionally, the content will also provides information on correct pump inlet (suction) and pump outlet (discharge) conditions to ensure proper pump performance and optimal reliability, and addresses what to do if optimal suction and discharge cannot be achieved.

Learn more by attending two new engineering webinars exclusively from the Hydraulic Institute.

For more information on these webinars, or any educational and training programs from Pump Systems Matter, contact Mark Sullivan, director education and development at msullivan@pumps.org or call 973-349-5329.