The Checklist: Variable Speed Pumping (Free PDF Download)

Download this checklist to keep track of the materials you’ll need for optimum learning on this topic. This guide will provide you and your manager with a list of resources and overall costs so you can track your progress.

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In this webinar, the attendee will learn the tasks and knowledge required for pump system assessments, the different levels of assessments and the steps required to implement a pump system assessment.

119 Minutes

Earn 8 PDH credits through an 8-module introduction course featuring methodologies and processes to manage and conduct pump system audits.


This webinar reviews the basics of system operation and design, including pump-motor interactions.

120 Minutes

This webinar outlines the general concepts for using a variable frequency drive in pumping applications and covers their fundamental principles of operation.

169 Minutes

This webinar reviews the new variable speed pumping guidebook and how to use variable speed pumping for more efficient and better controlled pumping.

250 Minutes

An essential guide cultivated by 22 industry experts on the optimization of pump systems to increase cost savings.


This book is an informative guide for the application, installation and troubleshooting of variable frequency drives.


This is a general guide to addressing variable speed pumping for pump industry professionals and users.


Learn how to perform life cycle cost assessments for pumping systems featuring step-by-step instructions.