Engineering Data Book

The Engineering Data Book is a Critical Guide For Understanding Fluid Dynamics and Flow In Relation to Piping.

Life Cycle Cost For Pumping Systems

Learn how to perform life cycle cost assessments for pumping systems featuring step-by-step instructions.

Mechanical Seals for Pumps: Application Guidelines

This guidebook is a must-read for all engineers, pump and seal professionals, end users, consulting engineers, distributors and pump OEMS.

Pump Piping 2-Part Webinar Series - On Demand

This webinar discusses the ANSI/HI 9.6.6 pump piping standard and provides specific instruction on new content in the standard.

117 Minutes
Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) Certification Exam

Advance your career and set your organization apart with a professional certification in pump systems assessment.

Pump Vibration Single-Session Webinar - On Demand

This webinar reviews the recently updated normative ANSI standard (including appendices) for vibration acceptance testing.

67 Minutes
Rotodynamic (Centrifugal) Slurry Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Applications, and Operation (ANSI/HI 12.1-12.6)

A Preliminary Standard Providing Guidance on the Design, Application Operation and Maintenance of Rotodynamic Slurry Pumps.

Rotodynamic Centrifugal Pumps for Manuals, Describing Installation, Operation and Maintenance (ANSI/HI 1.4)

This standard provides direction on creating user manuals for installation, operation and maintenance of rotodynamic pumps.

Rotodynamic Centrifugal Pumps for Nomenclature and Definitions (ANSI/HI 1.1-1.2)

This standard is an essential overview of rotodynamic centrifugal pumps, definitions and various parts.

Rotodynamic Pump Efficiency Prediction (ANSI/HI 20.3)

This standard provides a streamlined method to predict efficiency points of rotodynamic pumps.