Engineering Data Book

The Engineering Data Book is a Critical Guide For Understanding Fluid Dynamics and Flow In Relation to Piping.

Flexible Couplings Basics

A foundational guide to the various types of flexible couplings, the features and correct functioning.

Life Cycle Cost For Pumping Systems

Learn how to perform life cycle cost assessments for pumping systems featuring step-by-step instructions.

Mechanical Seals for Pumps: Application Guidelines

This guidebook is a must-read for all engineers, pump and seal professionals, end users, consulting engineers, distributors and pump OEMS.

Power Plant Pumps: Guidelines for Application & Operation

An informative guide on power plant pumps featuring methods to increase efficiency and reliability.

Pump System Assessment Body of Knowledge

The Pump System Assessment Body of Knowledge (PSABOK) is the principal resource for professionals conducting pump system assessments.

Pump System Assessment Professional Certification Study Guide

The PSAP certification study guide features test questions, answer explanations and successful test strategies to prepare for the certification exam.

Pump System Optimization Guidebook

An essential guide cultivated by 22 industry experts on the optimization of pump systems to increase cost savings.

Reliability of Pumping Equipment: Guidelines for Maximizing Uptime, Availability & Reliability

An instructive guide on the reliability of rotodynamic pumping, featuring ways to improve safety and cost savings.

Variable Frequency Drive: Guidelines for Application, Installation and Troubleshooting

This book is an informative guide for the application, installation and troubleshooting of variable frequency drives.