A Free 30 Minute Training:
Effective methods to eliminate clogging of solids-handling pumps.

Session Summary:

This 100-level webinar explains ways to deal with changing wastewater handling processes, including:

  • Background of solids handling
  • The challenge of non-woven sheet goods (baby wipes, cleaning and waxing wipes)
  • Trends in water conservation
  • Dealing with grit, grease, biological materials
  • Public safety
  • And more

Opportunity to Earn CEU Credits

This SWPA Webinar offers CEU Credits. To earn these credits, you must fully complete the webinar playback and enter the code given at the end of the playback into the CEU credit form. Each state has different parameters and paperwork requirements. For more information, please contact SWPA at 847-681-1868 or swpaexdir@sbcglobal.net.