Does your pump have an alignment problem? Part 2
by Jim Elsey
April 24, 2019

18. When using washers with the driver, hold down bolts, use a strong washer material (grade 8) and watch the size (diameter). Many people incorrectly think they can make up the difference in a hole size simply by using a bigger washer. If the washer cups warps at all, then it is wrong, and you will have issues with holding the alignment.

19. If you have to open up (enlarge) the size of hole on a driver foot due to being bolt bound, do not open up the diameter more than the radius of the original hole size. It is also acceptable to machine the hold down bolt to achieve more space, but the procedure must be followed correctly. I am sorry I do not have room for that procedure in this article. A good practice is to keep close to the minor diameter, maintain the symmetry and provide a generous radius as stress relief.

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