Asia-Pacific region driving the growth due to increased need for electricity.
Demand from Asia-Pacific, Latin American and MEA driving increased worldwide production rate, pumps market report shows.
3.5 million units were sold in 2018; Asia-Pacific sales at an all-time high.
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Companies are now expected to overcome challenges and adopt this technology.
Optimized pumps ease the day-to-day process for university cogeneration facilities.
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WEF says bipartisan effort is needed to increase funding for water infrastructure.
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Pumping Prescriptions
A West Virginia bottling facility faced frequent pump replacements.
Even 1,000 miles away, these devices allow operators to work on the 9/11 Memorial with confidence.
Surface accoustic wave (SAW) technology offers flexibility and can lower costs.
Parts made of these materials can help solve some common pumping problems.
Power pump performance improved with redesign of the first-stage, double-suction impeller and twin volute.
Electrical signature analysis identified a breakdown in one pump station.
Newly published guide represents partnership with Europump
These devices have been deployed on almost every major offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico over the last 15-plus years.
The flow-rate, viscosity and efficiency advantages of screw pumps make them a viable alternative to centrifugal pumps.
This equipment can be a good alternative to conventional centrifugal pump units.
How to specify and witness a test in order to achieve the best possible outcome for a facility.
These applications highlight how ozone is a flexible treatment method that provides plant operators with an efficient and reliable disinfection solution.
The phenomenon occurs when a system experiences extreme vibration caused by excessive pump pressure and pulsation.
An electric submersible pump provided the plant additional fire suppression when a hot spot caused a silo’s wood chips to combust.
The new HI Energy Rating Program uses a label to indicate the power savings obtained from pump system upgrades.
Next-generation software offers affordable self-service predictive analytics and easy search to the process industries.