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Seal failure is often a symptom of an underlying problem within the pump.
New technology can decrease heat and skidding.
Look out for these common pitfalls, and don’t assume that a lubrication leak means a seal failure.
End users can request a prototype sample to test the thermoplastic’s suitability in a given application.
Externally pressurized porous gas bearings are being applied in seal applications for rotating equipment.
Lower coupling restoring forces can increase bearing and seal life.
Many of these factors relate to the ongoing instability in various parts of Europe, but in today’s interconnected global economy, innumerable current events and trends can impact the marketplace.
If the old saying “Build something better and people will buy it” is correct, then a new bearing housing design will be of interest to those focused on reliability.
Pumps & Systems staff spoke with Mike Pulley, Bartlett Bearing Company Inc.'s Product Support Manager, about workforce challenges and the major trends to anticipate in 2017. How is departure of...
Alternative bearing options can enhance reliability and increase energy efficiency.
One unique design transmits torque across the disc pack assemblies purely by friction, helping to prevent issues associated with stress concentration, backlash and chatter.
End users must understand the conditions that lead to early bearing failure to choose the best technology for their needs.
If power is interrupted, lubrication continues without causing major problems to pump bearings.
A large petrochemical plant increased the service life of its equipment from six months to three years.
The materials are able to withstand dry-run conditions.
Achieve pump and motor longevity by providing proper storage, avoiding pre-service damage, and conducting sound handling and maintenance procedures.
A tank farm, an airport and one of the region's largest oil and gas companies are using the technology for a variety of applications.
Modern labyrinth bearing protection seals can protect precision elements from contamination.
This equipment exploits the elasticity of synthetic rubber and ensures stable bearing behavior.
A thermoplastic composition in abrasive applications helped bearings meet end user specifications.
Oil, gas and petrochemical plants must protect bearings from contamination, moisture and overheating to keep production rates steady.
These recommendations can help end users prevent equipment degradation in pulp and paper applications.
Some will know from their experience with automobiles that thicker oils, such as Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 30, are more appropriate for warm summer months. But thinner oils, perhaps SAE...
These components do not have to be sealed from harsh operating media.
The resistant bearings guarantee consistent power supply by overcoming abrasive materials in glacier runoff and river debris.
This material stands up to pump upsets such as cavitation and dry running.