This technology can tackle basic dewatering applications and precise electrowinning processes.
by Greg Duncan
February 11, 2015

The clamped metal AODD pumps also offer an ADS with technology that allows the user to control flow rates and air consumption with the simple turn of a dial. They are submersible, intrinsically safe and lube-free, and they provide dry-run and anti-freezing properties. They can handle pressures to 125 psi, with flow rates ranging from 81 to 264 gallons per minute.

Plastic AODD pumps in polypropylene or polyvinylidene flouride (PVDF) materials of construction are also available, which makes them ideal for handling the corrosive or hazardous acids, caustics or solvents used in electrowinning.

The company also offers a series of AODD pumps, which can be ideal for electrowinning and other chemical-handling applications within mining operations. Featuring stainless-steel or aluminum wetted paths, the pumps have been designed to fit bolt-to-bolt and pipe-to-pipe within existing fluid-handling systems, making them an ideal drop-in replacement for other pumps.


The flexibility of AODD-style pumps becomes apparent in their various uses in mining operations. Not many pumps can handle both solid-laden slurries during dewatering and highly corrosive chemicals in electrowinning processes.

AODD pumps have both the ruggedness needed for mine excavation and the precision required for electrowinning, all of which make them an ideal choice when flexibility is a deciding factor in mining-operation pump selection.

13 Ways Mines Can Use AODD Pumps

In addition to dewatering and electrowinning processes, mine operators use AODD pump technology in a variety of other severe-duty mining applications:

  1. Froth flotation for particulate separation in slurries
  2. Leaching of commodity byproducts
  3. Transfer and treatment of mine tailings
  4. Wash bays for large-scale machinery and vehicles
  5. Above- and below-ground dewatering
  6. Bulk liquid-chemical transfer
  7. Raw material transfer
  8. Water recirculation
  9. Water/land reclamation
  10. Explosive atmospheres
  11. Oil separation processes
  12. Onsite bulk-fuel transfer
  13. Soap dispensing through onsite bath houses

Source: “AODD Pumps & Mining Safety,” Pumps & Systems, September 2013