sulfur dioxide emissions
Increase of government regulations for sulfur dioxide emissions will contribute to market growth.
Graphical Research

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to see an upsurge in the flue gas desulfurization systems market from 2020 through 2026 due to growing demand of electricity and large-scale integration of thermal power technology, according to a recent forecast report from Graphical Research. Ongoing development of coal-fired generation plants in many developing economies, along with development of captive generating stations across the heavy industries, will drive the business growth, the research firm’s report explains.

Regulations that have been put in place in an attempt to minimize the adverse effects of sulfur dioxide emissions, along with increasing focus to maintain air quality standards, will drive the China flue gas desulfurization systems market size, according to Graphical Research. Investment growth in the expansion of thermal power plants coupled with expanding electrical power networks are expected to strengthen the industry potential. In addition, shifting awareness toward emission control systems and accelerating usage of clean technologies for power generation will boost the product adoption, the report states.

The dry flue gas desulfurization systems market is projected to grow on account of low capital cost, ease of installation and safe and reliable operations. Wide-scale use in mining, metal and chemical production and refining will complement the business landscape, the research firm found. Furthermore, government norms and standards toward heavy industries and power generating plants to significantly reduce the emissions will enhance the adoption of the technology. Digitalization of power utilities and modernization of medium-scale industries will also boost the product penetration, the report states.

The growth of the business will also be impacted by expansion of residential establishments and increasing infrastructural investments. Government regulations for health hazards including breathing, skin irritation and swelling of respiratory system caused by increasing sulfur dioxide levels will also stimulate the product demand. The rapid development of urban areas along with growth in the real estate sector will drive the industry outlook, according to Graphical Research.

Refurbishment of existing power stations and expansion of coal-fired power plants will boost the business landscape, the report states. The product integrates simple waste disposal process and economical operations that will drive the industry growth. Increasing power consumption from population growth and economic development will escalate the product deployment as well.