This year during our annual Pumps & Systems On Tour video series, I had the pleasure to speak with leading managers at plants across the U.S. These experts shared their insights both into their companies’ initiatives as well as on the future of the pump market at large. Several common themes indicate that our industry in the coming year will see exciting innovations from the top down. Watch the videos below for more.

1. “Our objectives focus on ease of doing business for our customers.”

Crane Pumps & Systems President Allen Oak believes that key to his company’s future is a stronger outward focus. As new products come online, the importance is on open lines of communication and continued education for business partners and customers alike.

2. “We’re making a seamless process for the customers—one-stop shopping where they can call in, get their answers and get their quotes.”

During our visit with Grundfos in Aurora, Illinois, facility experts were passionate about new initiatives to align segments and train application engineers—all focused on streamlining the purchasing and service decisions for the customer’s benefit.

3. "We're delivering parts where we need them, and we're delivering them to the point where we need them."

Siemens’ Barry Hamilton knows that one of the leading trends in our industry is lean manufacturing—engineering and delivery from a new level of efficiency and sustainability. This affects everything from product delivery to facility infrastructure and relies a clear roadmap to which all personnel are accountable.

4. "If you're not fully utilizing [your tools], you're not getting the most out of it."

While touring the PPC Mechanical Seals facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we learned more about a mechanical lay that had been outfitted with a digital monitoring device. The lay and its machinist—who had been with the company for more than 46 years—used the retrofitted equipment for custom parts. As technologies in the pump industry become smarter and more integrated, plant managers have to look for opportunities everywhere among their operations.

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