The fallout from the U.K.’s historic referendum vote June 23 known as Brexit is continuing.

The action that saw 52 percent of U.K. voters casting ballots in favor of the nation leaving the European Union has sent shockwaves around the world concerning the effect that Brexit will have on the global economy.

From oil to tech, mining and more, experts in Europe and abroad are weighing in concerning Brexit’s impact on industry. Here are nine reports that show a cross-representation of Brexit’s influence on major industries.

1. Brexit Can't Stop GE's Industrial Transformation, Says William Blair

The Street is reporting that William Blair predicts that GE is poised to grow in the wake of Brexit. Click here for the full article.

2. Steel Industry Could 'Crumble' in Wake of Brexit Vote, Warns Union

An online article in The Telegraph is citing union leaders who warn that Britain’s steel industry has a questionable future. Click here for the full article.

3. North Sea Oil Faces Worsening Investment Drought After Brexit

Bloomberg is reporting that U.K.’s North Sea oil and gas industry faces a worsening investment drought as the nation’s decision to quit the European Union looks set to trigger a second independence vote in Scotland. Click here for the full article.

4. Chaos Ahead after Brexit Vote, Says UK's Food & Drink Industry Body

The Guardian says the U.K.’s food and drink industry is left with uncertainty because more than a quarter of its workforce comes from Eastern Europe. Click here for the full article.

5. Impact of a Brexit on Infrastructure, Mining & Commodities

The global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright addresses a host of subjects surrounding the Brexit vote. Click here for the report.

6. Five Ways Brexit will Transform Energy & Climate

Politico states: “Britain’s departure from the EU will force broad changes to the bloc’s energy and climate policies, and remove a crucial ally for Central Europeans — but it will also give London far more freedom to pursue nuclear projects.” Click here for the full article.

7. Brexit Deep Impact: Which Sectors, Stocks Will Take the Hardest Knock

The Economic Times looks at the impact on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Click here for the full article.

8. How Brexit Will Impact the Science & Technology Industry

"Tech companies will need to come together and speak with one voice to ensure their needs are understood and acted upon," TechUK, a trade body representing more than 900 U.K. companies in the technology sector, said in a statement published in a report by Wired. Click here for the full report.

9. What U.K. Vote to Leave EU May Mean for Global Tech Industry

A report in Advertising Age states: “The lasting impact of the U.K.'s vote to break with the European Union won't be known for years, but the shift has immediate ramifications for the global technology industry.” Click here for the full article.