With damages estimated at $196 billion, the disaster in Japan is certain to impact the international economy.


“It's hard to move past the personal aspect of this disaster to think about the impact on the economy, but I think it will be a short term negative and a long term positive for the economy,” says Vice President-Flow Control Jack Gonder of Jordan, Knauff & Company (a Chicago-based firm that provides experienced, professional and sophisticated investment banking services to the middle-market of American business).


With the enormous volume of damage, pump companies around the world that serve or can serve this market will be called upon to help with recovery, repair and rebuilding efforts. 


“Most of the experts are predicting a sharp V-type recovery (one quarter down) followed by a massive uptick in activity,” he says.  “Despite their sluggish long-term economy, this is a country with ample tenacity in facing previous crises and being extremely resilient, and this will be no different. The quake in 1995 gives further proof of this.”


We have learned of ITT Watermark's efforts to help the victims of this crisis, along with ITT Corporation's contributions in providing two portable dewatering and water treatment systems. With all natural disasters, many pump companies rise to the occasion to provide equipment and services to help with recovery. 


Please let us know what your company is doing to contribute to the effort.