The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) has come a long way since its inception in 1933. With today's membership representing more than 85 percent of the manufacturing capacity for fluid sealing devices in North America, the association also has an international scope.

I was proud to spend some time with new FSA President Ed Marchese and FSA Technical Director Pete Petrunich to get more information about new sealing standards and how they affect the industry. Please see the Q&A for critical insight from these experts.

Pumps & Systems is in our sixth year of offering a monthly column on the technical aspects of sealing systems and devices. “Sealing Sense” continues to provide our readers with important information that falls in line with the FSA's mission to “monitor the economic, environmental and social changes which may impact our membership's business and to maintain a forum for the exchange of this information.”

In the April issue of Pumps & Systems, read about engineered seal retrofits and upgrades, unique gas seal designs and how they increase reliability and using seals as a diagnostic tool for pump maintenance.