New Orleans is my favorite city. I spent my honeymoon there, and the spring break before Katrina hit, my husband and I took our two children to the Big Easy. They loved it as much as I do. In August 2005, I stood in disbelief watching the flood waters rise and fearing for the people standing on roofs and wading through chest-deep water. I literally cried.

When I returned five years later for my first visit to WEFTEC, I was happy to see that conditions had vastly improved. But I couldn't help thinking, what if it happens again and it's worse? Then I visited the Pentair booth and watched the video on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway West Closure project. I saw the enormous pumps that would make up the 11-pump station capable of pumping up to 9 million gallons of water per minute. I felt better about New Orleans' future.

I was happy to be able to write the article, “The World's Largest Pump Station,” in the March issue of Pumps & Systems. Hopefully, this monumental station will help prevent another disastrous flood in the Crescent City.