Many months have passed since Barack Obama's stimulus package promised economic relief to our industry. I finally have good news to share.

Sopchoppy, Fla., the first city to receive stimulus money from the Department of Environmental Protection, was awarded $4.3 million from the state's Clean Water State Revolving Fund. Environment One Corporation is providing at least 200 grinder pumps to the project, which will convert the problematic septic tanks of 300 Sopchoppy residents into a new and improved sewer system by May 2010. City officials say the project would not be possible without the help from the state and federal grants.

The City of Sopchoppy is known for its pristine waters and scenic areas, but because of the city's layout and some interference from Mother Nature, keeping the water sanitary is a big concern.           

“The fact of inundated septic tanks is over. It's going to work,” City of Sopchoppy Mayor Robert Greener told Tallahassee's WCTV. Almost all of the money provided for the Sewer Collection System project will stay within 100 miles of Sopchoppy.

Pumps & Systems reader, David Courtney, a marketing consultant with extensive experience in the pump industry, directed me to, which chronicles a list of stimulus projects requested for pumps. He also sent me some great information on a few stimulus-funded projects soon to be in progress, including:

  • Corps of Engineer Projects – List of ARRA Approved Civil Works Projects include some pump stations
  • Department of Defense – ARRA Fund distribution by State – There are a few for fire and drinking water systems
  • Village of Blandchester, OH – To pay for construction of a wastewater treatment plant pump station and equalization basin via ARRA
  • Central Valley, CA – To receive $45 million in stimulus funds for water
  • Hamel, IL – To receive 1.4 million to modify booster pump and improve pipeline system
  • Olanta, SC – Receives $600,000 in stimulus funds to pay for pump station repairs
  • Puerto Rico – $72 million for water infrastructure projects via EPA

Stay tuned for more updates. Do you know of any other stimulus-funded projects in the works?