CHICAGO (April 17, 2013) – People often do not think about pumps until there is a disaster. However, pumps are used in practical, everyday applications that have a significant impact on society.

The SWPA training seminar provided valuable education training to water and wastewater industry professionals and information on the latest industry technologies that are used in applications such as sewage movement and storm water treatment. Design, features, controls and construction were discussed with an overall emphasis on “The Systems Approach,” or viewing the pumping system as a whole as opposed to individual parts. 

Adam Stolberg, the executive director of SWPA and a Pumps & Systems Editorial Advisory Board member, said that training seminars like SWPA are important because it helps create awareness for the industry that a lot of people take for granted, in addition to providing education.

For more information about the importance of SWPA and the submersible wastewater pump industry, watch my interview with Stolberg:

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