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516 Viking Drive


Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452



Company Profile

Vacuum and pressure solutions for all industries. 

Busch Vacuum Solutions is your single source for all your vacuum needs.  Whatever your process, whatever your requirements, we have the optimum vacuum for you.

  • Extensive portfolio of vacuum pumps
  • Blowers & compressors
  • Spare parts & accessories
  • Measurement gauges
  • Leak Detection
  • Vacuum systems
  • Service & digital condition monitoring

Busch USA headquarters not only manufactures vacuum pumps but also houses one of eight strategically located service centers across the country and in Puerto Rico. Services performed include industrial and medium/high vacuum pump repair, exchange, and remanufacturing.

Extensive experience allows Busch to always provide the optimum solution from single vacuum pumps to tailor-made vacuum systems and quality maintenance options.



Busch Vacuum Solutions Around the Globe.

More than 50 years ago, Dr.-Ing. Karl and Ayhan Busch developed the ideal vacuum pump for the food packaging industry. Today, Busch from Maulburg in the Black Forest in Germany is the world market leader in all areas of industrial vacuum.


PLUS Master Control: Vacuum Systems Made Easy. 

The PLUS Master Control is the upgrade for all PLUS vacuum pumps to a centralized vacuum solution. It enables precise and intelligent control of several PLUS units and makes them work together even more efficiently.


How Leak Detectors Work 

Leaks in vacuum systems can cause considerable damage in sensitive industrial processes. Vacuum pumps may fail or require more frequent service. The output quality can suffer, and losses in energy efficiency can occur. As a result, energy costs and overall operating costs increase drastically. Our TAPIR leak detectors have been specially designed to avoid all these problems. They can locate and quantify leaks precisely. Thus, improving the output quality, efficiency and reliability of the entire process. In almost every industry, from automotive to oil and gas.


How Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps Work

Claw vacuum pumps feature two claw-shaped rotors that move in opposite directions mounted in a housing. The shape of these claw rotors extracts, compresses and expels air or gas. The rotors do not come in contact with each other or the housing, so no lubricants or operating fluids are required in the compression chamber. The minimal clearance between the rotors and the chamber housing optimizes the internal seal and ensures constantly high pumping speeds. A synchronizing gearbox maintains precise rotor timing.



How Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Work

Inside the cylinder of screw vacuum pumps two screw rotors rotate in opposite directions. The pumped medium is trapped between the cylinder and screw chambers, compressed, and transported to the gas outlet. During the compression process, the screw rotors do not come in contact with each other or the cylinder. Thus, no lubricants or operating fluids are required in the compression chamber.