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FLSmidth designs and manufactures the Ful-Vane™ rotary vane compressor. Our compressors are used for air supply or for compression of a wide range of gases. The Ful-Vane compressor excels in vapor recovery, LPG unloading, natural gas, flare gas recovery, fuel gas boosting, digester gas, landfill gas, ammonia refrigeration and vacuum cooling.

Developed from Fuller® design and technology, our compressors provide more compression with less energy than other compressor types. Rugged and suited for harsh environments, Ful-Vane compressors offer high efficiency, low operating and maintenance costs, and long equipment lifespans.

With only two bearings and three moving parts, the Ful-Vane compressor boasts a simple design that’s easily field repairable. Housings and rotors are rebuildable: the inner cylinder can be re-bored numerous times, and the rotor re-slotted up to three times.


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