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Company Profile

Hydra-Tech Pumps a USA manufacturing company, located in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania has been designing and building pumping solutions since 1977, giving them over 40 years of experience and expertise. As a manufacturer of hydraulically driven submersible pumps and hydraulic power units, Hydra-Tech offers high quality, low lifetime cost products for a variety of pumping applications. Our systems are designed to cover the widest range of applications including construction, OEM, municipal, petro-chemical, mining, marine utilities and government customers.
There are several different types of pumps designed and manufactured by Hydra-Tech, including slim line, general purpose, axial flow, sand/slurry, solids handling, shredder and specialty pumps. Many models are produced in various materials of construction to handle the most difficult job conditions.

To compliment these pumps, Hydra-Tech also designs and manufactures hydraulic power units which include open, sound attenuated and electric drive designs.

Pairing Hydra-Tech’s submersible pumps with their standard line of hydraulic power units insures that your pumping system will operate with maximum performance, efficiency and reliability.
With Hydra-Tech Pumps you can expect:

- No Shock Hazard
- Easy setup, No priming pumps
- No Suction Hose Failures
- Field Serviceability
- Pound for Pound Lighter, Stronger and more Efficient Pump than comparable Electric Submersibles
- Low Carbon Footprint
- Private Labeling and Custom Colors
- Available to Answer the Phone and Offer Support Before and After the Sale

In addition, Hydra-Tech offers solutions to many unusual pump or hydraulic power unit requirements. From customization for specific purposes, custom hydraulic circuits or unique environmental conditions to simple color matching, we can build the right product for you.