4th Floor, Qifa Building #C, No. 2 Sheng Gu Zhong Lu, Beijing, 100029

Company Profile

Junty Industries has serviced 17 years in China and we are a leading supplier for sealing products, pump parts and relevant components which highly used in the fluid & gas control industries. We provide different kinds of sealing products including tailor-made products based on customer’s requirements.

Our product line includes:
◆ Seal Faces / Rings
◆ Pump Bushings / Washers
◆ Spray Nozzles
◆ Mechanical Seals
◆ Rotary Unions

All products can be produced using the following materials:
◆ Silicon Carbide
◆ Tungsten Carbide
◆ Carbon Graphite
◆ Zirconium Dioxide
◆ Aluminum Oxide


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