JWC Environmental


2850 S. Redhill Ave., Suite 125


Santa Ana, California 92705



Company Profile

JWC Environmental is a global leader in solids reduction, separation and removal systems for customers in a broad range of municipal and industrial applications. Wastewater treatment plants, food processors, oil refineries, waste to energy producers, consumer goods manufacturers, airports, correctional facilities and agricultural operations are just some of the many areas that have relied on JWC’s technologies for over 40 years to run efficient and compliant operations.

JWC Environmental offers a wide range of products to target unique commercial and industrial challenges. Our legendary Muffin Monster grinders and Monster Industrial shredders are designed to break down the toughest solids in wastewater and industrial applications to protect pumps, destroy waste products and optimize materials for industrial processing. Our screening systems including our Monster Screening systems for municipal wastewater and IPEC drum screens for industrial waste separate solids from fluid waste streams to both protect downstream processes and recover valuable byproducts. Our FRC dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems tackle some of the most challenging industrial wastewater conditions removing suspended pollutants and ensuring manufacturers stay in compliance with discharge permits.

JWC Environmental has the depth of experience and manufacturing capability to tackle projects, around the world. Our team of over 200 employees are based out of our global manufacturing and service facilities in Santa Ana, California; Burnaby, British Columbia; Cummings, Georgia, Whitby, Ontario; Hangzhou, China; and Cheshire, England.

Over the last four decades JWC Environmental has built one of the best distributor and representative networks to ensure top-notch customer service to match the quality of the Monster machines we build. We distribute waste grinders, screens, and DAFs through a global network of over 120 North American and international distribution and representative firms.