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SKF's electric motor condition monitoring analyzers are the leading solution for exposing insulation weaknesses and other issues before they turn into operational failures. The Baker DX static motor analyzer and the automated Baker AWA-IV static motor analyzer employ standards-compliant low voltage and high voltage tests to assess the condition of the motor circuit and its insulation, including ground wall, phase-to-phase and turn-to-turn insulation. Because these testers can reveal problems long before the motors fail, they are ideal for predictive maintenance programs. They are also perfect for motor repair shops, both for fault analysis on failed motors and for quality assurance after repair. The EXP4000 dynamic motor analyzer captures voltage and current at the motor's terminals, revealing problems with power quality, motor condition and load torque. Long-term or transient conditions can be captured and analyzed with the included sophisticated tools to give deep insight into run-time issues affecting the motors. The NetEP on-line motor analysis system is a permanently-installed dynamic monitor which keeps track of multiple motors.

SKF has over 50 years' experience with motor testing, and its products are trusted world-wide.

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