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Company Profile

Tri-Rotor has been manufacturing positive displacement rotary piston pumps for over 80 years. With five pump series, Tri-Rotor has a pump for every application. These include models with variable volume control heads, bypass heads and solid heads. Pumps are in stock for immediate shipment. Maximum recommended pump speeds range from 30 GPM, for foot mounted and close coupled units, up to 240 GPM. Our pumps excel in pumping both common materials and difficult-to-handle products, with a wide range of viscosities, in industrial applications. They can handle everything from gasoline and oils to molasses and shortening to coolants and solvents. They will not chew, aerate or foam the material pumped.

“Long Life” Tri-Rotor pumps have an exceptionally long service life. They are simply designed, with only three moving parts. They feature an extra-long bronze shaft bearing and an oversize packing gland. Their operation is practically noiseless, and they have a minimum of maintenance requirements.

Tri-Rotor’s line of rotary piston pumps is complemented by a full selection of drives/components and mountings. With these, we can configure complex installations to meet exacting customer requirements. We also offer several time-tested standard configurations. Finally, Tri-Rotor can also supply portable units, silent chain drives, dual proportioning assemblies, multiple pump configurations, remote control metering, batch metering and infinitely variable control of constituent flows. Made in the USA.