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Over 50 years ago, the late Jim Vaughan had a dream of a better way to pump dairy manure with bedding and bailing twine without clogging. Today, his invention, the Chopper Pump®, has over 30 patents and is known worldwide in all industries as the pump of choice for reliability in heavy solids pumping.

Over the years, Vaughan has led the way with innovative designs including floating pumps, lagoon pumpers, auger choppers, vortex choppers and veggie choppers.

In 2001, Vaughan introduced the Triton™ screw centrifugal pump, combining the benefits of Vaughan's superior pump designs with the advantages of highly efficient, non-clogging performance. The Triton screw centrifugal pump is ideal for handling thick sludges, large or stringy solids, shear sensitive fluids and delicate or highly abrasive materials.

Vaughan's Rotamix® system is today's most cost effective means of mechanical jet mixing, and may be applied in circular, rectangular, oval tanks, as well as other unique configurations such as egg-shaped digesters, CSO tunnels and pump stations.