Motor systems that are designed as entire packages are more reliable and affordable.
by Bill Finley & Sumit Singhal, Siemens
February 27, 2015


When a system is designed together, it can be optimized much better than when components are selected without consideration of how they could perform together. With an optimized integrated drive system, operators can achieve the lowest cost of ownership and highest reliability.

System Optimization Results in Significant Savings

In one case, selecting a motor to operate at the drive’s maximum output voltage of 8,010 volts (V), rather than a conventional 7,200 V, resulted in a significant reduction in motor current draw, electrical losses, required size and, ultimately, initial cost. When sized for conventional voltage ratings, the shaft power was limited to 18,000 horsepower (HP). Now, at this higher voltage, the motor is capable of delivering 20,000 HP without having to jump to a synchronous motor, which could double the cost in some cases. The drive was also limited to the same current that would have forced the use of two drives in parallel. As a result of proper integrated drive system engineering, the overall cost could be reduced by nearly 50 percent after optimizing the package.