SAN FRANCISCO – GHD Digital, the digital transformation arm of GHD, and KETOS, Inc., a water intelligence innovator, have announced a North American collaboration effort to offer data-driven insights to municipalities and industrial facilities through continuous water quality monitoring.

As part of a mutual commitment to helping clients in the water sector redefine their digital futures, GHD Digital and KETOS will accelerate the deployment and implementation of the KETOS Shield solution, which provides continuous cloud-based, real-time water quality monitoring for their customers. Through this approach, the duo is expected to reduce labor, material and testing costs associated with traditional collection method, and provide valuable operational intelligence.

“Empowering a user to have a vertically integrated solution that has the flexibility to operate within their existing set of tools, environment, and sensors is incredibly important. At the same time, having the ability to leverage their centralized data across all systems to determine how actionable insights are achieved is paramount in the water quality monitoring process,” said Meena Sankaran, CEO & Founder of KETOS. “The power of the data that most users possess through a variety of siloed solutions is completely unrealized today.”

With GHD’s expertise across the water sector, combined with KETOS Shield’s real-time analytics, users will have access to an end-to-end ecosystem which includes engineering consulting, managed services, and predictive solutions that are driven through an industrial-grade IIoT framework. The solution conducts remote monitoring of heavy metals and other contaminants and tracks key performance indicators, such as pH, temperature, flow, and conductivity. Moreover, KETOS Shield is uniquely designed to offer advanced analytics with threshold-based alerts that help customers quickly identify contaminants within a single, modular, and automated system. 

GHD Digital and KETOS are both determined to implement a digitized water quality monitoring solution without compromising accuracy, while minimizing costs associated with large capital infrastructure and rigorous maintenance. With this strategic relationship in place, they will be able to intensify efforts in delivering digital innovation across the entire water market, together.