Learn about factors for efficient hydronic system design
by Drew Champlin
December 17, 2018
Pumps & Systems Podcasts

Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr of Caleffi joins the Pumps & Systems podcast this episode to talk the basics of ECM pump technology in HVAC systems.

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Rohr, a training manager, explains what ECM technology is and how long it has been around. Rohr also talks about the 2019 AHR Expo, which is held Jan. 14-16 at the Atlanta World Congress Center. Click here to register for the AHR Expo.

More things you'll learn in this podcast:

* the difference between ECM technology and VFD and inverter drives

* common applications where ECM technology is used

* why some are hesitant to adapt to ECM technology

* what magnetic separators are and why they are important

* basics of closed loop systems

* factors for efficient hydronic system design

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