Pump System Improvement
by Ray Hardee
July 25, 2017

When operating at lower flow rates, the system with smaller pumps consumes less power for the operation. Additionally, the single pump system goes through more pump starts than the two-pump system.

The cost of the second pump and driver will most likely add to the initial cost. Knowing how the total system will operate we can see that the two smaller pumps will consume less power and have fewer pump starts.

This will save energy and maintenance costs each year.

In the past, one would have to wait until the system was designed, built and placed in operation to look for ways to improve that system. Then it is already too late—changes are difficult and costly after the plant is already operating.

Using the simulation techniques discussed in this series, users can analyze how a system will operate over a wide range of expected conditions during the design phase and, ultimately, discover ways to improve the system.

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