Pumps & Systems MENA attended the 2015 International Water Summit, an important gathering of water experts from around the world. The summit was the inspiration for "The Cost of Clean Water" feature (page 26), in which Pumps & Systems MENA reports on industry efforts to address the water-energy nexus. While water is a key component in the production of energy for many industries, here are perspectives on how three key industries see their operations in terms of water scarcity and cost.


10 barrels of oil
1 barrel of oil

"For every barrel of oil we pull out of the ground, we use 10 barrels of water and that water needs to be dealt with and reused."

—Anna Halpern-Lande,
Senior Management Upstream Business Development, Shell, Netherlands


Water Use By SectorWater Use By Sector

We can't really increase the supply of fresh water, so we need to be the ones to change in the way we use, in the way we manage and in the way we consume water. Agriculture uses tons of water, but we all have to eat.”

—Eithne Treanor,
Special Correspondent,
CNBC Arabia



"We know a lot of energy is used in pumping, but how do we use that energy in an intelligent way? At the system level is where we really see a change in thinking."

—Glen Trickle,
Vice President and Director, 
Engineering & Technology, Xylem Inc.