by Earl M. Halfen, The Balancing Systems Group, Inc.
December 17, 2011

Lessening the Impact of Eccentricity

  1. Apply a reasonable balance tolerance if fit-up problems will exist.
  2. If possible, in the case of precision balancing, use the actual bearings that will support the shaft and operate the rotor in "V" blocks instead of roller bearings.
  3. Always attempt to operate the piece in the balancing machine at the same centerline it will assume in its own bearings. Never move off the journal to a seal area to balance.
  4. If a tight tolerance such as API or ISO G 1.0 is demanded, then demand in return the ability to balance the part with all of its rotating components, such as coupling hubs, belt sheaves, etc.
  5. If a part is to be disassembled and then reassembled in place, consider testing to see what the average reassembly level is, then balance to that level.