What are the Characteristics of a Centrifugal Pump? Head, performance curve and affinity laws all contribute to the efficiency of centrifugal pumps.
by Sharon James, Rockwell Automation
September 1, 2012

The example did not have a static head associated with it. A system with static head does change the system curve and the horsepower requirements. The greater the static head a system has the lower the possible energy savings. This is because the system curve is flatter so most of the energy is used to overcome the elevation change associated with high static head systems.


This article illustrates how centrifugal pumps’ inherent nature of operation makes them prime candidates for energy savings. Most pump systems are designed and oversized for worst-case loading conditions. Following the principle of the affinity laws, just by lowering the flow of an oversized centrifugal pump by 20 percent can reduce power consumption by about 50 percent, resulting in dramatic energy savings.