Take advantage of the usefulness of this tool to analyze applications in current plants or future ones as well. By working with a mechanical seal specialist, you can drive increases in plant efficiencies and lower operating costs with real data.

Table 1. Three Seal Plan Comparison

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Pumps & Systems, July 2011


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"Sealing Sense” is produced by the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) as part of our commitment to industry consensus technical education for pump users, contractors, distributors, OEMs and reps. As a source of technical information on sealing systems and devices and in cooperation with the European Sealing Association (ESA), FSA also supports the development of harmonized standards in all areas of fluid sealing technology. The education is provided in the public interest to enable a balanced assessment of the most effective solutions to pump technology issues on rational total life cycle cost (LCC) principles.

The Mechanical Seal Division of the FSA is one of six with a specific product technology focus. As part of their educational mission, they develop publications such as the Mechanical Seal Handbook, a primer intended to complement the more detailed manufacturer's documents produced by the member companies. This document served as the basis for joint development of the more comprehensive Hydraulic Institute publication Mechanical Seals for Pumps: Application Guidelines. Joint FSA/ESA publications such as the Seal Forum, a series of case studies in pump performance, are another example as is the Life Cycle Cost Estimator, a web-based software tool for determination of pump seal total life cycle cost. The Sealing Systems Matter initiative was also launched to support the case for choosing mechanical seals that optimize life cycle cost, energy usage, reliability, safety and environmental compliance.

The following members of the Mechanical Seal Division sponsor this “Sealing Sense” series:

  • Advanced Sealing International (ASI)
  • Ashbridge & Roseburgh Inc.
  • A.W. Chesterton Co.
  • Daikin America, Inc.
  • EagleBurgmann Mechanical Seals
  • Flex-A-Seal, Inc.
  • Flowserve Flow Solutions Div. - Seal Group
  • Garlock Sealing Technologies
  • Industrias Vago de Mexico SA de CV
  • John Crane
  • Latty International S.A.
  • Metallized Carbon Corp.
  • Morgan AM&T
  • Nippon Pillar Corp. of America
  • Scenic Precise Element Inc.
  • SEPCO - Sealing Equipment Products Co.
  • SGL Technic Polycarbon Division
  • H.C. Starck Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG