End users should be aware of the latest standards revisions to employ the most up-to-date valve sealing practices.
by Philip Mahoney (FSA Member)
March 20, 2015

API RP-621

API RP-621- Reconditioning of Metallic Gate, Globe and Check Valves, Third Edition, is actively being revised. This standard defines guidelines for the reconditioning of valve types that are being serviced for continued use in an end user's facility. The new revision will have a complete addendum that defines the requirements for low emissions service, noting that valves in these services are more difficult to seal and, therefore, have more stringent requirements than those for other services (i.e. steam).

In addition to these updates, API 589 Fire Test for Evaluation of Valve Stem Packing, Second Edition was last updated on July 1, 1998. The standard is no longer active in API, so no active committee regularly reviews it. Though the standard can still be found for sale online, it is considered withdrawn.

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