72 HD Series - 10 & 15 HP Grinder Pumps

Zoeller Engineered Products
72 HD Series - 10 & 15 HP Grinder Pumps

72 HD Series - 3450 rpm, 10 & 15 hp grinder pumps with 3" or 4" horizontal flanged discharge

Pivot Pro Control Panels - 1 & 3 Ph panels with more standard features that typically cost extra on 'normal' control panels.

Steam Condensate Upgrade - Pump option designed specifically for Boiler blow down applications. Rated for continuous duty up to 180 F and Intermittent duty up to 200 F.

About Zoeller Engineered Products

Zoeller Engineered Products (ZEP) manufactures customized pumps and systems for stormwater, sewage pump stations, low pressure sewers and hazardous environmental applications for commercial and municipal markets. With pump offerings varying from 0.5 hp to 60 hp, each system is manufactured to the exact needs of each application. Entire systems including pumps, controls, wet wells and accessories are available from our Louisville based operation. In 2019 ZEP celebrated 30 years of developing, designing and delivering dependability to our customers.